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What is Rolf Movement®?


Rolf Movement® is a somatic sensory-motor approach to structural integrity.   It is to identify the movement pattern in your daily life such as breathing and walking that have developed the current posture and caused structural imbalance and/or chronic pain. While Rolfing® deals mainly with a structural part of your body (hardware of PC), Rolf Movement® does a functional part (software of PC).


Rolf Movement® has a theoretical framework of tonic function developed by Hubert Godard.  This is a re-education of your perception to the body by cultivating sensing and imaging ability often suppressed in your daily life.  This perceptual awareness helps you revise your motor neuron pathways which have been hyper sensitive for your chronic pain.  It also helps you move more economically with coordination and harmony in gravity, and brings about your job efficiency and higher performance.  


Rolf Movement® session takes place independently during/after Rolfing® 10 series on the floor or/and on the table, dressed, led by slightest touch and words.  I recommend you take additional 2 to 3 movement sessions after completing 10 series to maintain the newly obtained posture.  Through awareness to the old pattern which has been troubling you for years, the result brought about by the 10 series becomes reinforced and sustainable.









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