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1. Who should consider Rolfing®?





2. Is Rolfing® painful?


Rolfing® should not necessarily be painful.  The sensation varies from deep relaxation,  pressure,  to tearing or burning depending upon the level of the tension stored in the tissue.  What is most important is that you can stay relaxed at your appropriate edge and yield your body to me.  Mostly you will get into the state of deep relaxation during the session rather than feeling intolerable pain.

I respect your autonomic response to grow rather than rectifying your misalignment.  I listen to your inner flow and follow it cautiously with the combination of other technique such as cranio sacral therapy,  SourcePoint® Therapy, and Jikiden Reiki®.   


3. How long does the effect of Rolfing® last?


One of the major characteristics of Rolfing is that its effect lasts normally over years and the body will keep growing even after finishing the 10th session.  The reason is because the body has turnover of breaking down and rebuilding based on the structure there; how stress and weight are distributed within the tissue affects the rebuilding process of your posture.  After fascial adherence and structural imbalance are removed, the body will rebuild itself according to the new pattern of the structure.  And Rolf Movement education reinforces it; you will become aware of how to hook on your old pattern and how to maintain the new pattern in your daily life in order to keep growing.  But if you have repetitive motion injuries or severe structural imbalance, a periodic follow-up recommended.  The follow up is normally once to three times in six months.  Of course it is also recommendable if your body use changes according to stress, illness or injuries. 


4. Can I have a trial session?


If you have an acute pain or injury, I will offer you an independent session aside from the series of 10 sessions.  Or I can provide you with an independent session apart from the regular package of 10 sessions so that you can see if my style and approach meet your needs.  Often people find Rolfing very unique and powerful.  *Attention: it does not mean I will offer the initial session for free of charge.  Thank you for your respect in my service. 


5. Do I have to take the whole 10 series?


Rolfing® is a systematic approach composed of the 10 series.  Rolfing involves a huge arc within itself and thus the effect is realized through the completion of 10 series.  Just in case you have to stop in the middle of the arc, after 3rd or 7th are ideal.   Please avoid to stop after 2nd and 4th, which is rather unstable.  Please calculate you have enough period of time to finish the whole series before starting: normally 2 months to 1 year.   Or you can proceed in chunks of sleeve sessions of 1-3, core sessions of 4-7 and integrating sessions of 8-10, putting intervals between them.


6. What is the difference between Rolfing® and other modalities?


Rolfing® differs from other modalities because it is holistic in taking gravity and tensegrity into consideration. Rolfing always tries to seek and solve the heart of the matter instead of focusing on removing symptoms.  For example, bone misalignment will not occur because bones move by themselves.  There is always the reason why bones have to move---such as fascial adhesion by repetitive movement, lack of movement, or structural imbalance in gravity.  


Although Rolfing is based upon Osteopathy, the difference is that Rolfing always seeks the total balance of the body and considers gravity as a reference.  I am not focusing on removing morbid tissues and fixing the misalignment, but encouraging your awareness to your vital force that can cure yourself truly, and re-educating the dislocated or dysfunctioning parts by bringing them awareness in relation with gravity.  For example, often sacro-iliac joint is the main part to treat lower back pain. My aim is not in fixing the joint but indicating the sacrum to move freely as a part of whole vertebrae when breathing and walking.  Traffic jam in SI joint is often the reflection of the distortion of thorax and legs.  Without looking at the whole body as an integrated organism, the true alignment will not be realized.


7.  Can Rolfing® go with other modalities?


Rolfing® is very comprehensive and thus enough to be a solo treatment for you.  Yet it does not mean Rolfing® goes against other modalities you trust.  Just take in Rolfing ® as a powerful complementary for them.  Because of its unique characteristics, Rolfing® will bring you an awareness toward your potential, develop latent functions, and sense of wholeness often overlooked by other modalities. 


8.  How should I prepare myself for a session?


Please come with your comfortable underwear or separate-type swimsuit.  For men, jockey-type underwear, rather than boxers or board shorts, is appreciated to assess lumber curvature/pelvic tilt precisely.  For women, simple separate type underwear is favorable to assess vertebral curvatures precisely.  Yet in both, the best is whatever you feel comfortable.


9.  How should I schedule Rolfing sessions?


One session lasts 60mins to 90mins according to your condition.  The first session takes 90 minutes including consultation and the subsequent sessions take less, but please prepare max. 90mins for each session.  


In general I schedule each session biweekly so that we will finish the ten series within five months, but it really depends on your situation.  Some of you choose a very tight schedule in order to meet your life event.  Others choose slow scheduling such as once a month so that they will have enough time to assimilate last intervention.  (Both works!)  Otherwise I schedule according to your mental/physical conditions.  If you have an accute pain, I can offer you an independent pain release session. If you feel emotionally overwhelmed, I will offer you an independent trauma release session.  If you need to put an interval, after 3rd and 7th are ideal to stop for a while.  You can resume from where you stopped, not repeating the whole chunk from the first, unless the break is too long or damaging.  I will check and assess where to resumue anyway after the break.


I always consider and offer what is best for you.  We will discuss individually.


10.  Can I take sessions during my period?


No problem.  But if you feel uncomfortable to be touched around your pelvis, please put on an additional layer to protect it.


11. Can I take sessions during my pregnancy?


I do not recommend until you enter into your stable period, i.e. 4th month, because I address your pelvic floor and viscera. As your baby grows, you might have a pain according to the position of your baby.  In that case several Rolfing sessions will benefit to remove your discomfort.  I recommend you retake the whole 10 series more than 2 month after your delivery to adjust your pelvis.  When you are wondering which is better to take 10 series before pregnancy or after pregnancy, I recommend you take before pregnancy, because they help your delivery proceed much smoother and easier.  


12 Can children take Rolfing®?


Of course!  Rolfing is beneficial for new born babies and for those over their 90s.  Mostly Children under puberty do not need to complete the whole 10 series, but this highly depends on a degree of complexity.  Please contact me for assesment.  


13. Who can't take Rolfing®?


Those who suffer from infectious diseases;

Those who suffer from suppurative skin abscesses;

Those who suffer from metastasizing cancers or within 5 years of removal; 

Those who are before 4th month of pregnancy.


If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

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