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Sessions 1-3 (Sleeve)


Session 1: free the breath

The main goal of the 1st session is to free the breath by making more space between thorax and the pelvis and so the shoulder girdle and the pelvic girdle.  It always goes like this even if your main claim is lower back pain.  Breathing pattern is a landmark of your posture.  To regain more resiliency in breathing  will affect your overall postural improvement.

Session 2: find support from the earth

The main goal of the 2nd session is to free the pattern of standing and walking.  Ida said, "Balance in the body begins with feet, for the basic work of foot and ankle is to offer a reliable base by which the upper body an relate to the horizontal plane of the earth.  ...Every imbalance at higher levels shows unmistakably in feet and ankles."  Especially if you have knee, lower back and neck pain, adjusting ankles is crucial to begin with.  When you get the feet which properly transit support from the ground, your pelvis and vertebrae will be aligned naturally in the end.

Session 3: balance front and back

In the 3rd session we visit the lateral line to differentiate front from back/back from front.  We say the 3rd hour is to bring volume in cream of Oreo cookies; by sorting serratus from rhomboids we bring depth between front and back.  Also we visit quadratus lumborum to differentiate upper body from lower body.  Some of you may feel physically/emotionally vulnerable because of opening your deeper structure.  For those of having back, shoulder and neck pain, work around the12th rib brings a considerable impact on the overall recovery from them.

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