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Rolfing® 10 series

Rolfing® consists of a series of 10 sessions, a systematically designed  "recipe,"  each of which builds upon the previous and bridges for the next.  Each session lasts 60-75 minutes (the first session takes 90 minutes including consultation) and is to be continued constantly once in a week to three weeks.


10 series can be divided into three parts:



Sessions 1-3: "sleeve" sessions or superficial layers of connective tissues


session 1: free the breath (diaphragm, arms and shoulders, tensor fascia lata, hamstrings)

session 2: get support from the earth (feet)

session 3: balance front and back (lateral line)


Session 4-7: "core" sessions or deep layers of connective tissues addressing the mid line of the body which is embodied by the line of "dura" (the meninges surrounding the brain and spinal cord)


session 4: free the pelvis (pelvic floor and adductors)

session 5: walk from lumbers (psoas and visceral space)

session 6: articulate the back (coccyx and vertebrae) 

session 7: put the head onto the body (cranium)


Sessions 8-10: integrating sessions

addressing mainly where already visited in the previous sessions and reinforcing the functions as the whole unity.



Each session proceeds as follows...


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