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Sessions 8-10 (Integration)


Session 8-9

So far we have cooperated in differentiating the body.  From now on we explore integrating it.  Again we need to note the body is not the collection of muscles and bones but a continuity of fascia; your body needs to function as a unit of big fascial planes.  I put a lot of Rolf Movement from this session so that your body awakes to function as a whole unit in gravity.  Traditionally we used to divide the 8th and 9th into upper pole and lower pole.  Or we say the 8th is about static balance and 9th about dynamic balance.  But these distinctions are ambiguous in modern Rolfers.   Every session is to be customized according to your needs.

Additional session

If needed, I might offer several additional sessions as a bridge and stabilisation for the next.  Or some sessions will be divided into two.  Or some energy work session, Rolf movement session will be recomended.  Raindrop Technique® is very helpful for total refleshment and relaxation after the 7th hour and pain release at any time.   We discuss individually.

Session 10: integrate

Completion. You are to be asked what makes you feel completed and what you would like to bring with you from Rolfing. 


Structurally the goal of the 10th hour is to free every joint and align the vertical axis.  "In the 10th hour we work to bring movement to, and through all articulations.  We are taking the body from static to dynamic." "The line is the place inside the body that is the center of that being.  It is the place from which we live; it is the center of our energy of our emotions of our spirit".  (Ida P Rolf)


The line is not a thing but a relationship in gravity.  Your body functions in relation to gravity and as the embodiment of your emotional and energetic flow.  You will continue to explore in your daily life to optimize this relationship from now on.  


This is the closure of Rolfing 10 series, but not the completion of your process.  Evolution in your body in relation with gravity will continue throughout your life time.  Meanwhile, periodical follow-ups are recommended for maintenance.

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