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1)How do you feel after finishing the 10 series?


---I was totally surprised that my body had changed so much in such a short time.*  I have been able to feel changes after each session even though the degree of change was different. There were the sessions in which I could feel huge changes, and the sessions in which I could feel only little changes, which indicates my body was adopting for a new change. It seemed like each session had a different purpose for my body to pull out what my body needed. Before I started taking the Rolfing sessions, my shoulder was rounded, and my head was located more forward compared to the ideal location. These problems were solved, and my shoulder and neck feel much more relaxed now. One of the biggest changes I feel from the sessions is that my body became more integrated,  and well supported from the ground with the axis going through the center of the body. In the first movement session, Mrs. Kamata made me feel easier the connection among the whole body, from the sole of the foot, the hip, and to the head. Furthermore, I have become able to use my back and hip more dynamically when I walk. 


*He completed the whole series within 40 days.


2)What is Rolfing for you?


---For me, Rolfing is like a good partner who reminds me of the potential I have. Rolfing, the partner, led me to a new perception that I had been ignoring. Rolfing changed its role as the sessions progressed. It started from a parent, and became an older brother, and finished as a friend that had a equal relationship with me. In other words, I became able to stand on my legs after finishing the 10 sessions because Rolfing changed not only my physical states but also my perceptions on the connections between the body and the soul. I think this is the reason why Rolfing has such a long lasting effect. As you perceive a change on your body, you will become realize the relationship between the body and the soul, and the integration of them. After this process, it would be much easier to feel you are always connected to outside as well. 


3)What was the most memorable session for you?


---The most memorable session for me was the session 6, the 3rd core session. During the session, I felt that my weakness point was focused on, which was my lower legs. After the session, I felt much refreshed, and the weakness point became loosened and relaxed. The most impressive moment I had was actually after the session when I was reading a book in a café. I had a very hard time sitting still and reading the book because of the unsteadiness I felt over my lower body. It felt like my body was searching for the new location where  it would need to settle in. It was also like a turbulence in my body, and settled down as time passed. It was fortunate that I had a quiet time in which I could face my body after the session because I might have ignored this feeling if I had been busy after the session. 


4)What is your impression on your Rolfer?


---My first impression of Mrs. Kamata is that she was a very friendly person who could easily make a safe environment for clients. At the same time, I feel she has a strong philosophy for herself. During 2 months I had sessions with her, I became interested in her philosophy because she always made me feel excited that I could learn new things from her. Most importantly, she loves Rolfing, and enjoys sessions with clients, that is important for clients to feel comfortable.  --- K.S, Athletic Trainer,  Rolfing Student


"Takami has helped align my energy and systems with positivity, resulting in great change of not only physical health but the peace of mind one needs to progress in life.  Thank you sooooo much!"  ---Josh E Johnson, dancer, the Forsythe Company

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