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I was certified as a Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner in 2011 and became an Advanced Rolfer in 2017.  Before becoming a Rolfer, I was a researcher, patent officer, cabin attendant, Yoga teacher and mother. Aside from my main occupations, alternative medicines have been always my interests.  All of my family members including me rely on my treatments and especially my daughter has never needed to see a conventional doctor for ill-health since she was born in 2000.

I am a determined bodyworker, studying various options ranging from homeopathy and energy work to Rolfing.  After studying many modalities, I am convinced Rolfing is to be my very basis to integrate what I have learned so far. To return to a physical body often makes things simple and easy. 


The founder Dr. Ida Rolf (1896-1979), one of the first female PhD as a biochemist in the world, stood firm in her position as a scientist and called Rolfing* as pure science. (*Originally she named Rolfing as Structural Integration and did not like the name Rolfing but the latter became too popular.)  It was the era when homeopathic remedies or herbs were replaced with petroleum-derived medicines and universities to study homeopathy disappeared by the influence of Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.  In such era, Dr. Rolf studied homeopathy with enthusiasm for her clients and for her own.  When I knew Dr. Rolf's interests were very similar to mine, I was delighted by this coincidence.


Once Dr. Rolf said Rolfing was similar to shamanism. This is my position as a Rolfer; I accompany you with piety to help you return to your own nature.  I use varieties of technique to align your body and remove your discomfort, but Rolfing is not my treatment. This is your educational process to regain your awareness: cultivating your inner awareness to go along with yourself in your environment. Through years of my studying and experiencing alternative medicines, I am confident true improvement will not be achieved without our individual inner awareness.  I will assist you with our teamwork so that you will meet your blueprint of the body-mind-soul wellness often suppressed and distorted in life. 


During the ten series, some of you might experience emotional catastrophe or trauma release.  These are the outburst of repressed energy embedded in connective tissue.  Since our body is the container of the soul, the repressed energy is to find the way out. In such cases Somatic Experiencing, energy work (SourcePoint Therapy, Jikiden Reiki), or a homeopathic consultation can alter the session.  


My concern is always how to meet you through my supportive touch—with varieties of soft, deep, intensive or distant—according to your needs. Respecting your edge, I choose what seems to be most appropriate to you; some of you may need intensive anatomical adjustments, some of you removal of visceral tension, some of you nervous settlement, some of you trauma release, and some of you more energetic flow, etc.  


I’m looking forward to working with you for your overall wellness.




Certified Advanced Rolfer®

Certified Rolf Movement® Practitioner

Registered Homeopath

(RSHom, School of Homeopathy Advanced Practitioner Diploma)

Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner

SourcePoint Therapy® Practitioner

Jikiden Reiki® Shihan (Master)

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200)

Certified Yin Yoga Teacher


Continuing Education

2009-2018 School of Homeopathy Advanced Practitioner Course


2017 Rolfing®Advanced Training


2017 Sharon Wheeler Art of Rolfing Workshop


2017 Sharon Wheeler Bone Workshop

2017 Somatic Experiencing® Advanced I-II 

2016 Somatic Experiencing® Intermediate I-II 


2015 Sharon Wheeler Scar Workshop


2014 Jikiden Reiki® Shihan seminar


2014 Somatic Experiencing® Beginning II-III led by Pedro Prado PhD


2013 Somatic Experiencing® Beginning I-II led by Pedro Prado PhD


2013 Jikiden Reiki® Shihan-kaku seminar


2013 European Rolfing Association Biennial Membership Conference and workshops led by Valerie Berg (Aging pattern), Pedro Prado PhD (

Building bridges between Rolfing and psychobiological dimention), Peter Schwind PhD, Rita Geirola (Rolf Movement), and Pierpaola Volpones.


2013 The Breath of Life Conference sponsored by Craniosacral Therapy Association UK and following workshops led by Dr. Michael Shea (craniosacral), Dr. Stephen Porges(Polivagal theory), Dr. Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing®), and Emilie Conrad (Continuum movement)


2012 Young Living Raindrop Technique®, Ätherische Öle aus der Bibelzeit, Füße & Öle workshop led by Maria & Christoph Hasenstab


2012-nowadays Myoskeletal Techniques® home study course organized by Erik Dalton, Ph.D


2012 Budo workshop led by Akira Hino


2012 Lower Pole workshop led by Pierpaola Volpones


2011-2012 Private tutoring with Peter Schwind, Ph.D


2012 Trauma, orientation and Rolfing workshop led by Lael Keen (based on Somatic Experiencing®)


2011 Cranio-Sacral Therapy workshop led by Ray MacCall


2011 SourcePoint Therapy® Unit1, 2, 3


2009-2011 Rolfing® intensive training in München

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