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SourcePoint Therapy®


"Go back to your blueprint." This is the theme of SourcePoint Therapy®.  Bob Schrei, a certified advanced Rolfer and cranio sacral therapist, developed a simple non-invasive energetic healing therapy with his wife and meditation teacher, Donna Thompson.  SourcePoint Therapy® evolved from years of his studying energy medicine, sacred geometry, Zen and meditation, on the basis of a body worker.


SourcePoint Therapy® is neutral and thus safe to everyone.  


SourcePoint Therapy helps you reconnect your blueprint of well-being and helps you go where you want to.


SourcePoint Therapy® helps you remove blockages in multiple layers of outer invasion, trauma, emotion, karma, and ancestors, without disclosing your stories there.


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I use SourcePoint Therapy® Diamond Points in every Rolfing session to make a safe temple to work with you. According to your conditions, I often add other points such as Guardians or Golden Rectangular Points.  After finishing the training, my scanning (dowsing) became a pinpoint and thus removing blockages (adhesions in fascia) became more efficient.  


I recommend an independent SourcePoint Therapy® when you feel emotionally overwhelmed because of intensity of change brought about by Rolfing®, when you are too sensitive to allow any other intervention, or just you want to be simplest to regain your order.  

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