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We are energy

अमिताभ (Amitābha)

We are life.

We are light.

​We are Holy Spirit.

We are energy.

阿弥陀如来 or अमिताभ or Amitābha stands for the essence of our existence. We are essentially infinite life, infinite light, and overall, energy.

It's time to awaken. We are a quantum as the smallest unit of energy, as a form of awakened consciousness.  We are not the collection of solo matter (protein) the modern science is based on.

In oriental medicine we believe any disease comes from the stagnation of Qi (氣) or energy flow.  As Qi, we are creating/holding the electromagnetic field where we influence each other with our vibrations and frequencies that we feel as emotions or ambiences, and turn on/off our genetic information stored in our DNA.  In other words, whether or not we get a certain disease is up to our affinity in the field (energy), not our genes or outer stimuli such as microorganisms, carcinogen or toxins.


When we are open to the world to evolve, our energy flows naturally and harmoniously with all other living entities in symbiotic relationships.  But when we are closed or need a drastic change, we "invite" viruses to burn our outdated information in the cells to make a space for the new.  We get fever and aches where we need to update. This is called inflammation and its intensity depends on how our status quo is rigid and resisting to change. When we have inflammations, it is important to encourage to complete its process as is shown in law of entropy. Once the update is over, we feel much lighter and refreshed.  Energy work is to support this updating process physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

​Our home is both within and outside of ourselves. We are a component of all existence as a manifestation of Holy Spirit that is love and agape. This is what Buddhism and all other religions are trying to express.  


We are not divided.  I am you and you are I, and energetically we are merged. Life or holy spirit resides everywhere, and we are to show our respectfulness and appreciation to LIFE in all different forms of organisms. We are symbiotic to evolve together.  This is the essence of ancient Shintoism or animism.

Energy work is the very basic guidance towards our awareness as life.



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