Takami Kamata

Certified Advanced Rolfer®/Rolf Movement® Practitioner

Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner

​Jikiden Reiki® Teacher (Shihan)

Homeopath (SoH Advanced Diploma)

​SourcePoint® Practitioner

​SARI® Practitioner 




It's time to awaken from our nightmare and heal our wounds.

It's time to see who we are

and where we are going to.

Corona is a wake-up call

for every one of us

to see what we have been pursuing

and how we can reorient ourselves

for the coming era.

​Negative emotions

derive from remorse in the past

or anxiety in future

pull us down

and prevent us to live

with our full potential.

If you feel disoriented, overwhelmed by uncontrollable emotions

or depressed by lack of energy,

please reach out to me.  


I am here to support you

by hands-off treatment

or distant healing

to cleanse your energetic body

(Ethel body inside/outside

of your physical body)

and enhance your vital force.