Takami Kamata

Certified Advanced Rolfer®

Certified Rolf Movement® Practitioner

Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner

Jikiden Reiki® Teacher (Shihan)

Homeopath (SoH Advanced Diploma)

​SARI® Practitioner




Is stress to be removed?

No, it should be with us,

for our growth,

for our transformation.

From negativity to confrontation,

from anger to appreciation,

from sadness to gratitude.

​If your emotions are hard to handle and your wounded soul is calling for help, SARI® is for you.


Negative emotions stored in our Ethel body prevent us to live with our full potential.  May deep cleansing your Ethel and Astral body with the divine energy help you reconnect your higher self: your inner wisdom.

Takami Kamata

Bleibiskopfstr. 61 61440 Oberursel Germany

email: rolfertakami@gmail.com

​phone: 06171 279 0088

mobile: 0171 3822 469



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