• rolfertakami

Was wir glauben, ist nicht wahr.

Was wir glauben, ist nicht wahr.

It's time to stop, stare and reflect.

​-Was ist das?

-Was bedeutet es?

Is what you see real?

Is what you feel true?

Is what you experienced real?

Is your pain substantial?

Is your story true?

-Es ist verrückt.

Is your problem outside of you?

-Nein, deshalb versuche ich das Problem zu lösen.

Are you trying to control things?

Are things to control for your purpose?

What is the matter?

Fear to lose what is most important to you?

Fear to change?

Fear to end?

Fear to die?

Insecure future?

Lack of self-confidence?

-ich bin verloren.

No, you are not lost, because you don't exist.

Or are you matter?

It's time to shift.

Surrender, forgive, and trust the new guidance.

Allow yourself to be salvaged.

Wir sind kaputt. Es ist Zeit zu heilen.

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