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The reason were were born

The reason we were born in this planet is to establish ego, create what we call life, and experience phenomena, a form of energy we essentially are.

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Anhalo-I. (cactacea)

Anhalo-I. (cactacea) Stands for: clairsentience, esp. audial and visual hallucinations. Affinity: psychological, nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory system Clinical: dysesthesiae (=sensory dispt

When body is in order, mind is in order.

心身を整える 身心を整える pronouciation: [Sin sin wo totonoeru] 心[sin]=mind =a)vikalpa or =b)hrdaya 身[sin]=body In Japanese, body and mind have the same sound [sin]. We used to describe 身心 to mean sin-sin, but no

Was wir glauben, ist nicht wahr.

Was wir glauben, ist nicht wahr. It's time to stop, stare and reflect. ​ ​-Was ist das? -Was bedeutet es? ​ Is what you see real? Is what you feel true? Is what you experienced real? Is your pain subs