SARI®​ is an advanced form of Reiki that is particularly strong at treating 1) bone and blood in connective tissues in our physical body and 2) Etheric body, the first layer of our subtle body (aura) that is said to store our vital force and emotions.

1) Bones:

Bones are the most dense matter in our body and we usually do not believe we can remodel and change their density and elasticity without having surgical and medical interventions. But I have seen so many cases in which energy work helps the process of healing broken bones, raptured ligaments or tendons, and change substances of these dense connective tissues.  

My teacher Yukari Hagita told that repressed emotions would reach bones eventually.  Bones are silent and slowest in cellular turnover and we are usually not conscious that repressed emotions stored in the bones make them brittle and fragile and that Qi (氣), energetic flow, works directly to nourish them.  

2) Etheric Body

(electro magnetic field called subtle body) 

Etheric body is the initial layer of our seven working auras outside of our physical body described as "the body of the soul or the breath of the Creator" (The Secret Doctrine by Theosophy.)  Etheric body is our individual field where we store our emotions and show our vital force.

We are projecting our inner landscape on the outer world. For example, when we have inner insecurity, sadness, fear of losing what is falling apart and anger to deny it, we see the world as an insecure, distrustful and resentful place, and seek the war state as a control freak in order to prove the rightness of our inner world.  We believe in our own imaginative world as our reality and cannot share our subjective view with others, but share superstructure of collective imagination such as democracy, capitalism, national border, and so on.

​True solution is to notice what we can do is to change our inner landscape by changing our own perspective individually, not others or the world or the common enemies, and return to our original nature that is love.  Allow us to forgive ourselves to have been sticking to negativities, and cleanse our overwhelming emotions stored in our field. When we feel lighter and happy about ourselves, we can radiate love and lightness to the world.  What we can change is our field, not others'. 

I started to learn esotericism in 2007 from the curiosity to understand the truth of life and after all these years I am getting to understand we are fundamentally love as a form of life (energy) and here in this planet ultimately to experience joy by interacting with all other living entities. We are allowed to experience anything and are rescued already as we are now without improving anything of ourselves or our lives.  Nevertheless we believe we are insufficient and guilty and that we should not be happy in order to keep our stories made of delusions which is mostly nightmare.  

It's time to heal.  Our repressed emotions that look like electric cracks or frozen spiderwebs are stored in our Etheric body, and we repeat the same physiological and emotional reactions in any other situations.  This energetic blockage is called trauma. This traumatic vortex disturbs our energy flow, drains our energy and prevents us from living with our full potential.  The mental/emotional blockages are the forerunners of morbid tissues in our physical body and so these manifestations should not be underestimated and should be taken care of properly.


In SARI series, I summon SARI, enter your Etheric body, identify energetic blockages called black spots and remove the energetically intermingled wires.